Ninja Van Butterworth - Aftership, Cash on Delivery (COD)

Ninja Van Butterworth – Aftership, Cash on Delivery (COD)

It is located at the address of 80, GROUND FLOOR, Lorong Merbau Jaya 1, TAMAN SRI MERBAU, 13800 Sungai Dua, Penang, Malaysia. It provides the following services to its esteemed consumers.

Ninja Van Tracking Aftership

  • First, you need to have a valid Ninja Van Courier ID.
  • You need to put your ID to
  • Upon confirming that the Tracking ID is authentic, you will be returned with the completed detailed tracking of your Ninja Van courier/parcel.
  • Keep in mind that completed purchases may only be monitored for up to 30 days after they are delivered.
  • You can check up to 50 tracking numbers through this method.

Customers may get in touch with the firm using the following contact information:

Nin Sing Logistics Limited Liability Company

Address: 215 Ma Lo, Town 6, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Email: support [email protected]

Telephone number: 1900.988.928

Limited Liability Company NIN SING LOGISTICS

Ninja Van Butterworth Services

Ninja Van Butterworth - Aftership, Cash on Delivery (COD)

  • There are delivery alternatives to suit every budget.

Choose from several different delivery choices, including same-day, next-day, expedited, and standard delivery options.

  • Services at Various Locations

Pickup times for packages are flexible. We provide a range of pickup alternatives, whether you need us to pick up your packages from your location or want to drop them off yourself at one of our many drop-off locations.

  • Cash on delivery is accepted at the time of pickup.

A cash-on-delivery service is available. Is it necessary for you to collect money from your customers? Cash-on-delivery services are available in all of the locations that we serve.

  • Ninja Vans provides the most comprehensive service coverage in the area.

Ninja Van is the only last-mile delivery service provider in Southeast Asia and the Philippines that offers 100 percent service coverage. You can anticipate consistent, high-quality service throughout all nations in which we do business with you.

  • Ninja Chip is an acronym for “ninja chip” in Japanese.

Cutting-edge technologies in the industry power them. Ninja Van is built on advanced technology. All available are API connectors, bulk order uploads via CSV, bespoke routing solutions, and a comprehensive logistics management system suited to your requirements.

  • Support from the Ninjas

Customer service is second to none. Each delivery experience should be enjoyable, and we strive to achieve this by providing your customers with free redelivery attempts, one-click delivery rescheduling, and self-collection options.

Cash On Delivery Service

Ninja Van Butterworth’s Cash on delivery (COD), often known as collect on delivery or cash on demand, sells products through mail order.

Payment is paid upon delivery rather than in advance of the delivered items. If the products are not paid for, they will be returned to the store that sold them to the customer.

As alternative kinds of payment have grown more widespread, the phrase “cash” has been replaced by “collect” to encompass checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment.


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